Run in fear


Save your breath




Turn the page




The killing juice




Playmate massacre




One love




The Innocents




new! Little God new!


new! Lost new!


new! The worst is yet to come new!


new! And the angel kissed the demon new!


new! When will we be free new!


new! Back in time new!


new! A Brand New Day new!


new! Those we never meant to hurt new!


new! The rest for the wicked new!





Screamager - Therapy


Digging the grave - Faith no more


Forget about me - Simple Minds


Say just words - Paradise Lost


Beds are burning - Midnight oil


Enjoy the silence - Depeche Mode


Join me - Him


The great commandment - Camouflage


Right here in my arms - Him


True faith - New Order


Won't forget these days - Fury in the slaughterhouse


Wild Thing





Cover-Songs, die wir mal gespielt haben:


Stairway to heaven - Led Zepplin


Thank you - Led Zepplin


Jonny be good - Chuck Berry


The Jack - AC/DC


Hey Joe - Deep Purple


Mama said - Metallica


Remember tomorrow - Iron Maiden


Prowler - Iron Maiden


Running free - Iron Maiden


Wasted years - Iron Maiden


The aftermath - Iron Maiden


2 am - Iron Maiden


I've got the fire - Iron Maiden


Iron Maiden - Iron Maiden








Weiter wollen wir es nicht führen, dann müssten wir bei den Toten Hosen und den Ärzten anfangen!!!!!